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bitqy - the bitcoin Money Revolution!

Bitqy (pronounced BIT KEY) is a 5 month old crypto currency and token of share value of the bitqyck, Inc. company. The currency/share is presently valued around $0.02 (2 cents) (in U.S. dollars).

Is it possible to get in on the ground floor of something big, just like bitcoin started at only 2 cents and now trades north of $2300 USD?  Dr. Bruce Wong thinks so. And many speculators are jumping in with money they know they might lose just to see if it's a winning ticket for their futures.

Is this the future of commerce?  Can the company make enough deals to challenge even Groupon or Priceline. Some think so. Take a look...

If you're ready to join and grab your FREE digital money bitqy wallet, then click HERE.

Ronald Jones
Honolulu, Hawaii

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